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Product Lines

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  • NFC Single-Strength Citrus and Citrus Blends
  • Bases for All-Natural Ades and Fruit Waters
  • Bases for All-Natural Purees and Smoothies
  • Bases for Premium Cocktail Mixers
  • Bases for All-Natural Fruit Teas
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  • Ready to Drink NFC Citrus
  • Ready to Drink All-Natural Ades
  • Ready to Drink Premium NFC Fruit Smoothies
Citrus Beverages
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  • National and regional craft breweries
  • Cocktail mix manufacturers
  • Dairies and bottlers
  • Natural food manufacturers
Ingredient Drums

Product Attributes & Benefits

  • Expertly selected citrus fruit from world’s best growing regions
  • All-natural with no preservatives or additives
    Not from concentrate
  • Products available both refrigerated and frozen
  • Sizes range from 11.5 fl oz to 128 fl oz; 48 gallon drums available in select products
  • Bases available from 2:1 to 6:1 dilution ratios; custom options available
  • All products are available in either Sun Orchard brand or customer’s brand