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Innovation Lab

Helping Our Customers Succeed

We are excited to announce the expansion of our “Innovation Lab” in Tempe Arizona. Located in the scenic foothills of the South Mountain Preserve, the expansion is part of an organic growth plan to ensure Sun Orchard’s facilities keep up with the high-growth and collaboration needs of both our employees and customers.

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The Innovation Lab at Sun Orchard includes:

  • A beverage laboratory for the development of Sun Orchard and customer-branded beverage portfolios, culinary applications, and technical services.
  • A test kitchen where products and recipes are tested in real-time conditions for both retail and foodservice environments.
  • An open-office space and conference center for live and/or virtual tasting evaluations with customers.
Have a look inside...

Sun Orchard juices provide the pure taste and aroma of fresh-squeezed fruit, minus the operational hassles, food safety concerns, and consistency issues of squeezing fruit in-house. Our culinary expertise supports recipe and formulation development while manufacturing and distribution capabilities provide a consistent product year-round in the full-scale manufacturing process. We deliver a complete solution for you from concept to market.

Lime Basil Chicken
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Culinary - Back of House

Citrus juices add a splash of freshness and zest to sauces, marinades, salad dressings, and desserts in all types of cuisines. Sun Orchard’s Research & Development capabilities extend beyond the beverage segment in the food industry. We have ingredient expertise in savory and sweet food applications and will work with you to streamline your back-of-the-house operations by providing multiple culinary application crossovers.

Cocktail Development using Sun Orchard Juice
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Cocktails - Bar

Sun Orchard’s juices and bar mixes hit a sweet spot for mixologists, offering a perfect balance between ease of execution and authentic citrus flavor. Preparation of individual ingredients and cocktails makes for a successful bar service experience. With a lack of available staffing and increasing overhead costs, delivering a wide variety of cocktail and non-alcoholic beverage choices is difficult to achieve while maintaining high standards. Our Technologists create simplified crafted beverage bases and mixology recipes for use in multiple beverage options to provide exceptional flavor and consistency.

3 smoothies
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Juices - Smoothies

Juice-based fruit smoothies are a challenge for retail outlets to create in-house. With natural variation in color and taste from harvest to harvest, it is extremely difficult to create high-performing and repeatable drinking experiences by hand-juicing day to day. Sun Orchard analyzes your current hand-made offering and applies our expertise to create a consistent, easy-to-replicate product that meets your sensory and pricing targets year-round.